Instructor: José M. Vidal

   Homepage: http://jmvidal.cse.sc.edu
   Office: SWGN 3A51

Class Homepage: http://www.csce242.com
Meeting Time: MWF 9:05--9:55am. Swearingen 2A15.

This class will cover the development of web applications using the google appengine. We cover all the basic technologies that are used for creating modern webapps.

This is an introductory class and no previous knowledge of web technologies is assumed. However, I will assume that you can program, at the level of a good CSCE 145 graduate.

Required Online Resources

Webpages you will need to read for this class:

HTTP at the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

HTML at the MDN

HTML5 at the MDN

CSS at the MDN

Python docs

Google App Engine docs

JavaScript at the MDN

jQuery docs

The Git Book or Git Magic


See the grading page

All programs will be turned into your private github repo. My solutions are in the solution repo. Lecture notes are in the lecture repo.

Recommended Reading

Below are books I recommend you have for this class. You don't have to, of course. All the information is also on the web.

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