Friday, October 5, 2012

HW7: Ajax

In this homework you will change the /pin edit form to use XHR requests to submit changes to the caption and the private back to the server. We are also eliminating the possibility of changing the URL (I figured, it makes more sense to the user to just delete the pin).

The video below show how this will look like in your app.

Also, when a non-owner of a public pin (say, 5) goest to /pin/5 he will be able to see the pin (as he can now) but will not get the editing javascript code. Also, he should not be able to edit the pin.

Required Reading

  1. The jQuery ajax documentation is where you want to look for all things ajax.
  2. You also want to read the jQuery events documentation. Specifically, make sure you read the jQuery on() documentation page, all of it.

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