Friday, September 7, 2012

HW3: CSS, users

For this homework you will add a CSS file to your webapp to make it look pretty, and you will use the app engine users library to provide login and logout capabilities.

That CSS Look

Your website should look like the screenshots you see here. Namely, it must have:
  1. A header which shows either the login button, or the email of the currently logged-in user and the logout button. Both of these must be right-justified.
  2. A title, as shown, more or less.
  3. A box that is centered on the page and shows either the login message or asks for input (same as the previous homework). The background of the box must be a different color from the rest of the page.
  4. The footer, with your name centered on it.

You can use the same colors I used, which are USC's colors, or choose your own color template. Note, if you don't know much about visual design (as I don't), the best thing to do is to use someone else's color scheme and try to pick one with fewer than six colors. The fewer colors you use the more professional it will look.


The login and logout button should work, as expected: login and logout the user. When the user is logged in you should display his email address in the header. You will do this using the app engine's users library, which means that people will be logging in with their gmail/google credentials. Notice that with this method you do not need to store anything. Google takes care of the authentication process.

Required Reading

To do this homework you will to have read:

  1. Using the users service: getting started guide. More details in the users service API.
  2. MDN CSS Tutorial

You are free to google (or bing, or whatever you're into) for this and all homeworks as much as you want. However, be warned, you must understand what every line code in your program does! This is good to do not just for this class but for your whole career. If you cut-n-paste some piece of code from the interwebs into your program and you don't know exactly what it does you are asking for big-time trouble later on. When your app crashes the next day, is it because of the code you pasted? You have no idea! Blind pasting is the equivalent of agreeing to take in an international flight a suitcase that some stranger just gave you.

As always, push your code to your github repo by Monday, Sept. 17 @9am.

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