Sunday, August 26, 2012

Setting Up Eclipse and the App Engine

The video below shows how to set up eclipse and the app engine (etc.) for this class. I am using eclipse Helios in the video. You will find all the files you need at the appengine downloads page.

If you are using a newer eclipse, like for example Juno (the latest one, which I am using in class), then you should follow google's instructions for installing the google app engine plugin for eclipse. Note: I just upgraded to Juno from Helios and for it to work I had to first uninstall, in eclipse, all the Google plugins I had, then upgrade to Juno, then install the google plugin as per google's instructions.

I did forget to mention in the video that you should also install the eGit eclipse plugin. That is, when you are in the eclipse marketplace also search for 'egit' and install.

Also, you probably want to install and setup git itself in your laptop, in case you want to use git from the command line. The github guide on setting up git will show you how. Note mac users: if you use homebrew (and you should), just type brew install git to install it. Linux users already know they just have to apt-get install git.

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