Sunday, August 26, 2012

HW1: Hello World, HTML and Git

For the first homework you will write a simple HTML page and push it to github. The goal is to make sure you have all (well, most) of the needed software installed on your laptop and understand the basic workflow.

First, write an index.html file, using the HTML5 DOCTYPE, that contains:
  1. Matching title and h1 with "HW1: Your-name"
  2. Nicely-formated answers to the following questions: (You should use chrome tools to find the answers)
    1. What webserver and OS is used by

    2. List all the JavaScript files loaded by

    3. List all the CSS files loaded by

    4. List the keys of all the cookies used by

    5. In, for the word "Campuses" on the left-hand menu, what is the margin-top?

    6. What webserver and CMS is used by

    7. Go to, change the line that says "About the college" (in the top left) to say "Engineers Get Things Done!". Take a screenshot. Add the screenshot image to index.html, with a width of 400 pixels.
  3. Make sure your page validates.

Finally, create the "Hello World" app engine application, as explained in this post and in the app engine Getting Started tutorial. Run it locally with the appserver to make sure it says hello world. You do not need to publish it (but you can, if you want to). Finally, add the index.html and related images to this new project, add them to the git repo, and push to your github repo.

This homework is due Monday, September 3 @9am.

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  1. From one of your questions about viewing the .html file:

    Note that you CANNOT see your index.html by going to http://localhost:8080.
    See HW2 for how to do that. In HW1 your html file can only be seen by
    open it up directly.