Friday, August 24, 2012

Class Philosophy

This is a 'technical' class, meaning that we will solely focus on actually building a web application (a pinterest-like webbapp, this semester). We will be using the Google App Engine as our platform, the Python version. We will also be making heavy use of JavaScript and the jQuery library.

As in past years, I will try to 'flip' this class in that I will expect you to watch the videos and do the assigned readings before coming to class. During class time I will try to do as little lecturing as possible and instead provide individual help to each one of you for that week's homework. So, bring your laptop to class. The first couple of weeks we will have more traditional lectures as we have some material to cover before you get started coding.

The grading is described in the grading page.

The recommended online resources and books are in the about page.

All the videos I make and use for this class are in this youtube playlist. I will also posts here some videos by others which I think are helpful.

You will turn in your homeworks on github (nearly) every Monday morning, 9am. Thus, Friday's class will be an especially good time to ask me questions. Note that I go to bed early (my kids have to be at school at 7:30am) so do not expect me to be on IM on Sunday night. My solution to each week's homework will appear as a github project every Monday 9:01am. Thus, absolutely no late homeworks will be accepted.

Finally, this is an easy class. There are no complex algorithms to understand, no strange mathematical notation, no tests to take, and (almost) nothing to memorize. However, it is programming, and programming takes time, lots of time. Unfortunately, the only way to learn to code is by coding so, there is no other way until we get the Matrix brain plugs. If you are not ready to put in at least 8 hours/week of coding/reading time for this class then it is better that you do not take it.

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