Monday, February 21, 2011

HW6: JavaScript Practice

This homework is a short stand-alone JavaScript+HTML program that will give you some practice with the JavaScript basics. You will write one HTML page and one JavaScript file that together implement a simple game (well, game-like thing). Specifically:

  1. You will write an HTML with 100 buttons in a 10 by 10 table. Every button has the number 1 in it.
  2. When the user clicks a button the number in that button gets distributed among its North, East, South, and West neighbors, with wraparound. For example, if the button has the number 2 button to the North will have its number increased by one, as well as the number to the East. The button that had the 2 will now have 0.
  3. There is a score button which always contains the number of zeroes in the game board.
  4. You will use closures for implementing the onclick methods. I know that this homework can be done without using closures, but I want you to practice using closures. Specifically, you will write one function that generates a function for each button.
  5. You cannot use any JavaScript libraries. We will be using jQuery in the next homework, but not for this one.

You can turn it in here. The deadline is Monday, February 28 @11am. Also, make you you post it on your site. You can just put in in a /test directory and add that directory as a static_dir in your app.yaml. Make sure you put the url to your published code in the source code you turn in.

Required Reading

  1. The videos from the previous post.
  2. The JavaScript Guide.

Here is a quick demo of what it should look like:

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

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