Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HW4 Grades Out

I emailed your grades for HW4 last night. I have a couple of general comments.

  1. Use template inheritance. It is not just that I am pig-headed (I am), it is also because as we add more and more pages to the webapp you will want an easy way to change the <head> of all your pages, as well as the general layout, CSS, etc. This is trivial to do if you have one main template from which all others inherit. It is really hard to do if you have 40 different html files.
  2. Re-use your URL space. Remember that you can both GET and POST to the same url. As I explained in class, the standard way of organizing a website (following ye ole REST principles) is:
    • GET /resources: returns a list of resources
    • GET /resources/42: returns resource 42
    • POST /resources/42: creates or updates resource 42
    I will try to follow this general pattern in the webapp in the homeworks.

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