Friday, January 21, 2011

HW2: User Management

We now start building our webapp. The one thing that nearly all webapps need is user management. Luckily, the app engine provides us with some very nice functionality in the form of the Users API which you will use for this project. Remember that you will be building on this code throughout the semester so, keep it clean.

Your code will implement the following features:

  1. A simple homepage, at /, that welcomes a visitor and lets him log in with google (or openid) account.
  2. When a logged-in visitor goes to / he should, instead, see his email address and a 'logout' link which lets him log out, as well as an "account" link.
  3. When the user clicks on the "account" link he is taken to a page that shows his name in a textbox. The name is initially set to the part of his email before the @. From that page the user can edit his name. That is, he can change the name in the textbox and hit a "save" button (or Enter) which will change his name. You will need to use the datastore for this.
  4. Make sure that if the user logs out and logs back in again that his nickname is still the one he changed to.
  5. Make sure that a user can change only his name, and not the name of others. Users expect that much control over their names.

Required Reading

Turning it In

You will upload all your code files to by Monday, January 31 @11am. You will also publish your webapp to At the top of your main code file include a comment with your name and the full URL of your deployed app.

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  1. By 'textbox' I mean '<input type="text"'. The name should be pre-filled in that textbox.